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Michael Bailey was born in Chicago, IL.

His chosen name, Zebra, represents both his

black and white heritage. Bailey's artistic talent was

discovered at the early age of seven. 

 Bailey won several awards in architectural drawing while attending

Chicago Vocational High School (CVS). He finished high school as

a national scholar and graduated with high honors.

 He went on to earn a Bachelors degree in Architecture where he graduated with honors from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

in Chicago, and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business.  
Bailey started his career in Chicago where he worked for ten years

as an architect, and in 1990 he established his own business:

Zebra Gallery. By 1995, he went on to expand his company to

Zebra Art, Inc., an art publishing and distribution business.

After just four years, Zebra Art, Inc. had grown to become

one of the country's largest art distributors,

with revenue of over a million dollars annually. 
Zebra's artistic abilities now include a mastery of oil painting and charcoal drawing. These extensive skills allow Zebra to draw

and paint incredible photo-realistic portraits. His remarkable

expertise in this medium ranks Zebra with some of the

greatest contemporary artists of all time. 
Zebra's current objective is to provide high-quality fine art

at affordable prices. His primary mission is to visually stimulate

by sharing his God-given gift with the world.


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